As part of the Motsepe Foundation’s objectives of improving the standard of living of South Africans, our programs were established to positively contribute to the improvement of the learning and teaching environments.

AFI remains committed to growing the new generation of young designers through the AFI Fastrack programme.



To date, the Motsepe Foundation has supported 222 beneficiary Schools and Churches with infrastructure development and upgrade projects.


One of the strategic objectives of this school enrichment programme is to promote national reconciliation, a South African national identity, social transformation and cohesion among the school-going South African youth.

We are today, we are the future. Stand up for what you believe in and be the change the world needs. Live your truth fearlessly. Today is yours, carpe all them diems! Happy Youth Day, South Africa #YouthDay2018#YouthDay

In addition to fostering the development of the youth, our programs give students the opportunity to progress in the world of education, football, fashion, music & arts on a provincial and national level, and be identified for their talent.

The Kay Motsepe Schools Cup

On of the key areas The Motsepe Foundation has committed to, is sponsoring a football tournament for the next 10 years, the Kay Motsepe Schools cup. As part of the sponsorship, the winning school of the Kay Motsepe Schools Football Cup prize money is used towards an improvement and development program for the school.

ABC Motsepe Schools Eisteddfod and Traditional Music

One of the strategic objectives of this school enrichment programme is to promote national reconciliation, a South African national identity, social transformation and cohesion among the school-going South African youth.

The Motsepe Foundation began its involvement in the programme in 2016. For the first time, schools received prize money at a national level to purchase school needs that would enhance the choir or the broader school community.


Johannesburg, GAUTENG / 23 YEARS OLD
Imprint, Fashion Designer


What drives you?
In South Africa one of the most progressive countries in Africa. A theoretically free country. Being African or celebrating an African identity is still something that wee have to fight for. The African identity in South Africa has be reduced to a day called Heritage and a month called Africa.

There are still people with very powerful stories, tribes not celebrated. And freedom is still an idea that most have given up on.

All that right there is what drives me. My story has a begging which talks about who I am and where I am from. I then it upon my self to use my plartform to start conversations that most aren’t really willing to talk about.

However I tell such stories in such a way that people believe in the power of what is possible. My afro futuristic aesthetic is more about presenting the Africa imagined.

Pretend you were the President of South Africa, what concerns about the country’s future keep you up at night?
It used to be just about how wider the gap is between the haves and the not haves. However it now also about how in obtaining the theoretical freedom to be us, we lost who we are and what we were fighting for.

It is looking around and seeing how divided we are, how its no longer about a shared better tomorrow but a fight for each one to have that better now.

Im also very much concerned about how we as the country in this concept of globalization we have interpreted it to mean we become the dump site for cheaap imports, which end up killing our own industries.  

I would be very much disturbed by the fact that with the largest number of blacl people living and dying in squatter camps in South Africa. When you search on google “squatter camps in South Africa” all you see is white people. I would try to figure out what is that trying to communicate to the rest of the world and why?

Who do you think is the ‘One To Watch’? Someone who is going to make waves in their respective industry.
Im sorry but if its not me, my answer to this question is the same  as Issa Rae. And its “anyone black”.

Its actually about time that we shine the spotlight on black talent. Talent that most of the time come from nothing, with all the odds against his/her success but he still pushes. Believe me the breakout stars now are those black people who have that powerful story to tell through what they do.

What songs do you currently have on rotation?
Thandiswa Mazwai – Jikijela

Which 3 famous people, dead or alive, would you invite for a night out?
Kanye West, Vivienne Westwood and Vusi Thembekwayo

Who was the last person you called?
Lol no one reaally calls anymore.  Its texts and emails. But yeah it was a Fashion stylist in JHB : Boogy Maboi



What does Youth Month mean to you?
It means that as young as we are, we are capable of fighting for what belongs to us and here is no excuse that we are young; we can use the little power that we have to change many things.

Who are the three people, living or dead, you would invite for dinner?
Refiloe Jane, Amanda Dlamini and Christa Kgampe.

What does your 9-5 look like?
I’m at school from 9am till 3pm and then after I’m at training from 4pm-6pm.

How do you balance football and school?
At 6am I go to gym, then from 8am to 3pm I’m at school, then 4pm- 6pm its training. Saturday I play Sasol League then Sunday I study.

What drives you?
Always work hard, always add value, help other people and just smile and have fun.

Where do you see yourself in 10 Years?
I see myself working overseas and owning more than one business.

Pretend you are the President of South Africa. What concerns about the country’s youth keeps you up at night?
I don’t like to see people struggling, so I would create jobs for them, sport facilities and also sponsor some schools.

How do you think young South Africans can affect change?
Young people can change South Africa through sport, education and make sure that there is equality between men and women.

What message do you have for the Youth in regards to Youth Month?
Don’t go with the flow, be unique and use your talent to create your own future and be determined in what you are doing.

What song is currently on repeat on your phone?
Sydney Renae – I’m into you

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